The Miracle of the Hailstones 


Scripture: Joshu.10:7-11 

Hello "Fan" - tasting Passengers, 

Whenever there is a rainstorm of some sort, where there is fallen hail, if I am caught in it outside, then I personally quickly run for cover because of its impending danger. In Joshua 10 we are given the description of a hailstorm which characterized the battle of Beth-horon. This battle is often referred to as “the day the sun stood still.” The battle is a strategic one for the program of conquest under God's servant Joshua. Jericho had…

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Mischievous Device 

Scripture:  Psa.21:11 
Supporting Scripture:  Jer.11:15-23 

Hello "Fan" - tastic Passengers, 

Have you ever wondered why are the nations in an uproar against God and His Church?  As a matter of fact, every minute of each day, Scripture tells us that, they aimlessly Devise a "vain" thing for the downfall of God's people (Psa.2:1).  Notwithstanding, in situations of this nature, the Lord will always give knowledge of the enemy's plot to His faithful servant (Jer.2:18-19).  Furthermore, every mischievous…

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Conquer that Mountain 

"Positive Message:  Divers Cultures" 
Scripture:  Deut.1:6-7; Zech.4:7 

Hello "Fan”-tastic Passengers, 

Have you ever been given an important task to complete, perhaps at your workplace, Church or otherwise, only to meet with some mountainous resistance, while trying to finish that task?  

Zerubbabel was a Jewish leader who was appointed by the Persian government to return to the land of Israel and rebuild it as a Jewish country. While this was a blissful event that signaled the conclusion of the children…

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Through the Veil 

Scripture:  Heb.10:19-22 
Supporting Scriptures:  Exod.12:8;   Luke 22:19;  Matt.27:50-51; John 6:51; 2 Cor.5:21 

Hello "Fan" - tastic Passengers,

Traditionally, when the Jews celebrate Passover each year, there are three matzahs that are prepared to be eaten at the very special meal called Seder.   In Exodus 12:8 we observe that the Israelites, on the night before their Exodus from Egyptian bondage, at the first Passover celebration, would have eaten the lamb with bitter herbs (the maror or hatzereth) and…

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The Lord is your Buckler 

Scripture: Psa.18:2, 30 
Supporting Scripture: Psa.125:1-2 

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Did you know that you are surrounded?  Along the pathway of our earthly pilgrimage, every born-again believer will encounter seasons of adversity.  In these arid and hostile seasons, who do you depend on for protection from the fiery darts of the enemy?  Scripture tells us that the Lord, “...He is a buckler to all those that trust in him” (Psa.18:30). Consequently, this reveals to us that, God is ever ready and…

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