Year Released Album Title Artist Label Award/s
June 21, 2008 Lily of the Valley Joy Creed Independent 2009 CRMA - TOP FEMALE GOSPEL REGGAE  Award Winner
August 22, 2009 Destiny Joy Creed Independent *2010 Marlin Award Nomination Reggae/Pop Recording of the Year (track 'Home')
*2010 Covenant Award Nomination -Gospel - Caribbean Album
of The Year
*2010 Covenant Award Nomination -Gospel - Caribbean Song
of The Year (track - Praise)
November 11, 2010 400 Years Joy Creed Independent *2011 Covenant Award Nomination -Gospel - Caribbean Album of The Year
May 29, 2011 Rise Again Joy Creed Independent  *2011 Covenant Award Nomination -Gospel - Caribbean Song Of The Year
September, 2012 Yadah Joy Creed Independent *2012 Covenant Award Nomination -Gospel - Caribbean Song  of The Year


Rise Again

 Single - Released May 29, 2011

This is a song of hope and encouragement. Its message is profound while encouraging one to rise from the ashes and pain and glorify God, as Job did in all his trials.
Job 1:21

Rise Again

Scarlet Thread

'Hot' R&B Single - Released February 10, 2011

Award winning singer/songwriter Joy Creed has done it again with her 'hot' R&B single 'Scarlet Thread.' 'Scarlet Thread' speaks of God's redemption plan for mankind. See the 'Scarlet Thread' as it meanders down the beautiful body of Jesus, as He is pierced with mercy and scarred by grace on the cross at Mt. Calvary. Hear for yourself what audiences are going crazy about!

Scarlet Thread

400 Years

400 Years - Sophomore Album 
Released: November 11, 2010

Album Description:

“400 Years,” - a lyrical and melodic masterpiece album portraying "Freedom from sin through Jesus Christ." "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins" Matthew 1:21 Freedom leaps for joy to the rhythm of toe-tapping reggae, vibrant soca, fiery calypso and more. 400 Years a masterpiece lyrical and melodic album that will keep you rocking!

400 Years - Track List
  1. Babylon
  2. 400 Years
  3. Forerunner
  4. Secret Things
  5. Gift of Life
  6. Adoration
  7. Emmanuel
  8. Joy
  9. Freedom
10. Zion
11. Christmas Time
12. Bitter Cup (Bonus Track)

400 Years - Tracks Description

1. Babylon – Babylon echoes a cry of desperation for freedom and a yearning to return to the God of Salvation. The song captures the experiences of the people of God while they were in 70 years Babylonian captivity, as well as sets the stage for the next scene in history – The birth of the Deliverer of mankind from sin - Jesus Christ.

2. 400 Years – Up until the time of Malachi’s prophecy, Babylon had been the major world power. Nonetheless, the center of world power began to shift from the East to the West and Babylon was soon succeeded by the Medio-Persian. Hence, social uprisings, wars and the rise and fall of many kingdoms, were the order of the day during the 400 "silent years (the time in scripture after the last of the inspired prophets spoke and the first of the New Testament writers began to write)." The Nation of Israel had gone through times of pressure and had failed in their efforts to re-establish themselves, and had given up all hope. There was a growing air of expectancy that the only hope they had left was the coming at last of the promised Messiah. Ultimately, the need for a Deliverer who would not only ‘free’ the nations but would set up a new world order and rule and reign as King was imminent. Consequently, under Roman rule, the world experienced the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. He is the Greatest Emancipator who lives to free mankind from sin’s oppression and break the silence that had long existed for 400 Years.

3. Forerunner - A profound and exciting testimony of deliverance from barrenness by Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ.

4. Secret Things – When the light of God illuminates our heart, it is only then we are free to worship him. Mary, the Wiseman, and many others as recorded in scripture, had the secret of the promised Messiah hidden deep within their hearts. Thanks to God for the day when the star shone brightly in the eastern sky. It was a glorious day!

5. Gift of Life – “For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son Jesus..” Christmas time is a very special time of year that certainly reminds us of God’s love shown to humanity.

6. Adoration – ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord’. This song was inspired from the Gospel of Luke 2. The star that shone so bright and lit up the night sky still shines bright today into the hearts and lives of many. As we receive this light, we are in awe and adoration of the one who left His home above and came to earth to set the captives free.

7. Emmanuel – Scripture declares: “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins". "All this happened to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: 'Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us.'

8. Joy – This song delivers a message of redemption. Ultimately, with redemption, then comes joy. Be blessed!

9. Freedom – Freedom! Claim it! Listen carefully to the message of this song of freedom. This zouk style riddim really get your hands clapping and feet stomping.

10. Zion – The Shofar is used at the beginning of this song to announce the reign of King Jesus, as well as the establishment of a new world order. Jesus Christ, through His birth, death, and resurrection, has come to free the nations from the bondage of sin. He is the consolation of Israel and Joy of the Whole Earth. Does it alarm you that as the nation of Israel now returns from 70 years of Babylonian captivity to Zion, they did so with singing, dancing and praise to God Almighty?

11. Christmas Time – During the silent, dark ages and in a world where sorrows grew at an exponential rate because of sin, Jesus Christ, our Yeshua, Freedom's Son and the Light of the World, was born at Christmas.
For the countless broken hearts that have been captivated by God's gift of love and who now humbly worship Him, they can truly testify that, 'healing has come to the bruised.'.
Come! Let us sing and rejoice, with open hearts! Moreover, let us with all sincerity, like little children, declare His name and let the nations know that it is Christmas time everyday because of Jesus. It is the time for sharing, caring and for cheer.

12. Bitter Cup (Bonus Track) – This bonus song on the album takes us to the next phase in Jesus’ life and mission to free humanity from the bondage of sin. It covers the journey from Gethsemane to Calvary and reminds us of what it meant for Jesus Christ to drink the 'Bitter Cup' of suffering for humanity.

400 Years


Destiny - Junior Album
Released:  August 22, 2009

Album Description:

Joy Creed, 2009 Canadian Reggae Music Award winner, TOP FEMALE GOSPEL REGGAE ARTIST, CANADA, releases her junior album entitled “Destiny.”

Her music continues in the vein of the anointing and power of the Holy Ghost, featuring various styles of reggae with lyrics that aspire to something more than what this world has to offer.

There's plenty of feet skanking, hands clapping, head bobbing, and soul stirring music for those who truly love to praise the Lord. Songs such as "Cry” and “Destiny” with a consistent message of one being “destined for greatness, beauty, and dignity” rings out Joy’s heart felt prayer and worship to the Lord, especially for the youths of today. On this album, Joy also collaborates with one of Jamaica's finest gospel recording artist, Kirk Davis A.K.A. Little Kirk.

More surprisingly, there's actually a dancehall reggae track called "Armed ‘n Dangerous" featuring an old-school vibrant melody and a message that encourages believers to put on the whole armour of God each day, in order to overcome the battles of life and to reach their final destination-heaven.
Destiny - Track List
  1  . Weeping 'n Mourning
  2. No Badda Get Weary
  3. Armed 'n Dangerous
  4. Yours
  5. Destiny
  6. La Conquista
  7. Jehovah Rohi (feat. Kirk Davis)
  8. Deliverer
  9. Jehovah Shalom
10. Praise
11. Cry
12. Home
13. Diverse 'n Strong
14. Hallowed

Destiny -Tracks Description:

1. Weeping ‘n Mourning – Relays the message of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, told from the perspective of Mary who came to the tomb on the third day and did not find the body of Jesus there. It is the "third day."

2. No Badda Get Weary – This vibrant and captivating reggae riddim encourages believers to continue in their walk of faith, while valuing their souls more worthy of heaven’s gain, than all that this world has to offer.

3. Armed ‘n Dangerous – Yes, believers it is true. We are 'Armed 'n Dangerous'. this song resounds an old-school vibrant melody and a message that encourages believers to put on the whole armour of God each day, in order to overcome in the battles of life and to reach their final destination-heaven.

4. Yours – Ringing out a unique style of reggae riddim that captivates you from the very first note, 'Yours' takes one back to the sounds of Bob Marley and his contemporary, Peter Tosh. This song resounds a message of hope and assurance from the one who is called, among many other names, 'Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Root of David, One Who Prevails.' No matter what situation we face in life, we can rest assured that the love of God will penetrate the darkness that surrounds us. His love will caress our heart until we yield our spirit, soul and body to Him. Consequently, as we feel his warm embrace eradicating our darkness we can confidently say, 'I AM YOURS, TRULY YOURS.'

5. Destiny – A beautiful love song of worship and adoration to the Lord coupled with a melodious reggae riddim, sweeter than honey, this song was inspired by the Holy Spirit to my heart one morning after devotion. In the fullness of time, Christ came to earth as a babe but for a purpose. It is God's redemptive work through his Son Jesus Christ that is worth all our worship, love and praise that resonates with every beat of our heart. He was destined to come to earth to die for the sins of mankind and show us a better way to live. Simultaneously, we are destined to go back to God after we exit this earth.

6. La Conquista – Do you want to go on an exotic journey? Look no further, as the producer of La Conquista, Kenn Lewis, skillfully engages various instruments of praise in a smooth reggaeton style, along with the charming voice of the writer of the song, Joy Creed, leads you on a 'non-voilent' path of conquest and victory. La Conquista means ‘the conquest’ and depicts the battle of Jericho as stated in the book of Joshua. Believers must overcome every ‘Jericho’ in this life and live in the fullness of God’s provision. Believe it. Claim it, 'See di wall come tumbling down.'

7. Jehovah Rohi (Psalm 23) feat. Kirk Davis – Enjoy the 'anointed and heavenly sounding' voices of Joy Creed, Kirk Davis, as they blend melodiously with the Creed's Melody Makers on this ‘roots reggae’ style song that delivers a message of comfort and assurance of God’s goodness and mercy to guide us along life’s journey.

8. Deliverer – This is a one-drop, soul stirring reggae riddim conveys a message of deliverance. Moses, the servant of God, stands at the burning bush in awe, as God called and gave him a great commission to go and deliver his children from bondage in Egypt. Believers are also called and commissioned to use their gifts and talents to go and deliver souls.

9. Jehovah Shalom – Just when you ask yourself, does God really care about the situation that I am facing, how I can't sleep at night or even find a job in this economic instability?' Jehovah Shalom shows up to rebuke the storm clouds and speak peace. Once more, producer Kenn Lewis, unveils his artistry in music, coupled with the breathtaking voice of Joy Creed and backed by the Creed's Melody Makers, to thrill your heart and soul with this soothing song of worship to our awesome and mighty God of Peace. Shalom.

10. Cry – "Crank" up the reggae riddim to a 'Iah' level. Masterfully created and sung in a combined style of ‘reggae/rap’ this song is dedicated to the youths of today’s generation. It echoes a message of one being “destined for greatness, beauty, and dignity.” We must pray and cry for them to heed this holy calling. This is the only solution to the pandemic of sin that has possessed and taken over the lives of so many of our young people today. Everytime I sing this song, I am deeply moved. Listen and hear for yourself and 'Cry' for them.

11. Praise – Fashioned in a unique style of music called ‘SOCA’ and coins a message of the battle cry using the weapon of praise, this song will keep you rocking for days un-ending. It is "cool but deadly." The melody takes you back to the Islands. This is a must have.

12. Home – Delivers a message of hope, comfort and strength after all that we experience in this life to know that one of these morning, God himself will wipe the tear from our eyes, sorrow, death, every mourning will all flee away and we will be home, sweet home forevermore.

13. Diverse 'n Strong - This reggae song is celebratory and festive and is written from the perspective of an immigrant who is proud to call Toronto home for many years. The song evoke Toronto’s breathtaking , vibrant and sparkling spirit, while sentimentally paying homage to the City’s astounding unity and strength in its incomparable diversity. Happy 175th Toronto.

14. Hallowed - This song of deep prayer and worship to the one who alone is holy, is fashioned in the style of a smooth reggae dub riddim. Enjoy His presence, and join with the angels, as with hands lifted up we give glory, power and majesty to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.



Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley - Award-winning Debut Album
Released June 21, 2008

Album Description:

Lily of the Valley is like an oasis in the dessert, a fertile spot of life- giving energy amidst extreme weather conditions.

The healing power and fragrance of the Lily that is known for growing in valleys, has the power to rejuvenate and perpetuate life.

Believers from time to time experience hard places in their lives. It is, therefore, crucial that during those hard places, we know our Lord as the Lily of the Valley. With this assurance, we can experience a rejuvenation, restoration and healing, even in the valley.

If you are experiencing a valley experience in your Christian life today, then Lily of the Valley, which features songs of Joy's original composition, will give you that energy you need to carry on.

Be blessed.

Lily of the Valley - Track List
1. Song of Moses
2.  Old Rugged Cross
3.  Oil In My Lamp
4.  Lily of the Valley
5.  Love
6.  Press Along
7. Oil In My Lamp(INST)
8. Old Rugged Cross (INST)

"Lily of the Valley" Tracks Description:

1. Song of Moses – A SOCA style song of deliverance and victory that is inspired from Exodus 15.

This is the story of the children of Israel, a type of the Church in the Old Testament, as God delivers them from bondage in Egypt and leads them safely across the Red Sea to victory and a new beginning by his servant, Moses.

2. Old Rugged Cross - An inspirational religeous song melodiously sung by Joy Creed that will vibrate every chord of your heart.

3. Oil in my Lamp - Sung to a vibrant dance riddim of 'SKA' this spiritual never grows old. It is necessary, indeed for believers to have their lamps all filled with oil, trimmed and burning bright. A great encouragement to your walk of faith.

4. Lily of the Valley - Lily of the Valley is like an oasis in the dessert, a fertile spot of life- giving energy amidst extreme weather conditions. I was inspired with the words and music of this song one day as I travelled to school on the Toronto Transit. This song came and brought a well of joy and revived spiritual energy to me after going through a drought of hurt which lasted about two years in my life. Enjoy! Be renewed.

5. Love - This is a beautiful R & B track that rings out God's love for us each day. Reminds you of some of Motown's great. Enjoy.

6. Press Along - As I journeyed to work one day and boarded the train at Kennedy Subway station, I felt these words springing up inside my heart, 'press along, press along.' I took my pen and paper out and by the time I got to Yonge station, the song and melody were completed. This all came as I finished reading and meditating on St. Matthew 24 in my devotion. Keep on keeping on and never get weary. This song is done in a vibrant melodious reggae riddim.

7. Old Rugged Cross (Instrumental) -Sometimes you may just want to sing along, minister or just meditate. Enjoy this lovely instrumental of Old Rugged Cross.

8. Oil in my Lamp (Instrumental) - Well, if you want to skank to di beat, then make sure that you have this instrumental in your music lib

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